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(Published Thursday, March 23, 2017)The recalled rattles are four-inch-wide pink, blue, green and orange balls with about two dozen finger holes and clear plastic discs that contain beads.

They can be identified by model number 81031, but only rattles with certain date codes — T0486, T1456, T2316, T2856 and T3065 — are included in the recall.

From his solitary kitchen corner, Jorge gropes mutely for a bond with Amy (Eugenia Yuan), the newly hired Chinese waitress and even though she tries to reciprocate, the gulf that separates them may be too large.

On the job he is continually tormented by his coworker Jerry (Aaron Paul) and at home in his Harlem boarding, under the psychological control of his late uncle, who was truly like a father to him.

You're sitting at home alone, when something suddenly gets stuck in your throat - blocking your windpipes. You're not breathing - and you begin to realize with dread that death could be just seconds away. Far too many of us could not answer that question if asked.

Meanwhile, a much larger number of us are familiar with what to do if the role is reversed- and you see someone else choking. Fireman Jeff Rehmen presents a technique that is certainly just as good to know as any other.

(Source: Health Canada) TORONTO -- The maker of Buckley's is voluntarily recalling a number of its syrups because of a choking hazard.

Health Canada says Glaxo Smith Kline Consumer Healthcare Inc.The CPSC advises that consumers take the rattles away from children and contact Oball for a full refund.The full recall affects about 680,000 rattles sold nationwide at Target, Walgreens and Walmart, as well as online at several retailers, between January 2016 and February 2017.They include Buckley's Complete with the drug identification number 02279703, Buckley's Complete Mucus Relief with the DIN 02357232, Buckley's Cough & Chest Congestion with the DIN 02289164 and Buckley's Cough Mucus & Phlegm with the DIN 02346451. Other products include Buckley's Original Mixture with the natural product number 02239538 in 100 ml and 200 ml containers, and Buckley's Original Mixture Night Time with the DIN 02230939 in 100 ml containers.GSK says consumers who have purchased any of the products should not drink from the bottle but pour the syrup into a teaspoon.His uncle was described as being the only caring person in Jorge's life. Set in the vicinity of JFK airport, the most culturally diverse neighborhood in the world, Choking Man captures the feeling of claustrophobia some newcomers to America experience as they struggle to find a place and purpose in this strange land. The score to Choking Man was composed by Nico Muhly.

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