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We examined patterns of sexual behaviors of unmarried adolescents and youth (UAY) in three Asian cities (Shanghai, Taipei, and Hanoi) and identified factors related to the timing of initial sexual experience.

From analysis of a sample of 16 554 UAY aged 15–24 years recruited from Shanghai, Taipei, and Hanoi plus data collected from face-to-face interviews complemented by computer-assisted self-interviews for intimate questions, we learned: UAY in Shanghai, Taipei, and Hanoi have different sexual behaviors.

In the multivariate analysis, rapid progression through the sequence of emotional relationships was associated with initiating sex at a younger age for females (hazard ratio, 1.5), but not for males.

The period between first date and first sex experienced by both males and females provides an opportunity to ensure that adolescents have access to the information and services that will allow them to make informed choices about sexual behavior.

Cox proportional hazards models are used to identify the characteristics associated with age at first sex.

Males engage in precoital physical behaviors and first sex at younger ages than females.

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Compared with Shanghai UAY, study participants from Taipei and Hanoi were 3.64 times and 0.33 times as likely to participate intercourse.

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