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But in honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d break down some quick tips for appropriately handling an office romance.

DON’T flirt or be publicly affectionate in the office.

Not only is it inappropriate behavior, but PDA can make your other coworkers uncomfortable. Like it or not, rumors are going to spread once you’ve gone on a few dates.

This is good advice for any relationship, but in the office, subtle flirting can quickly turn into sexual harassment.

If you’re interested in dating a coworker, ask them on a date—and be clear that it’s not just another work lunch. Just because you’ve cultivated feelings for someone doesn’t mean the other person reciprocates them. One of my favorite bloggers, Alison Green, has an excellent story of a guy who wouldn’t stop sulking when his coworker turned down a date with him.

Nip them in the bud and be the first to address what’s going on.

Instead of being vague or evasive, say something like, “Yes, Joe and I have gone on a few dates but we are just friends” or “Yes, Danielle and I have gone on a few dates and I’m excited to see where it leads, but that’s the extent of what I want to discuss at work.” DON’T give your crush preferential treatment.

Logic tells you your romantic involvement will impact your coworkers directly.

If you sit together in the company cafeteria, will people now feel they should give you privacy?

Your romance may color everyone's judgment with regard to promotions, projects, team building and responsibilities.

The relationship could make it more difficult for your department -- and depending on your position, your company -- to operate effectively.

Harassment Possibilities And then there's the H word and all it can entail.

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