Dating an intense guy

This fragrant creation Givenchy Play Intense is a work of perfumers Emilie Coppermann and Lucas Sieuzac (Symrise), under direction of Françoise Donche, the perfume nose of the house of Givenchy. Always got a lot of compliments with that one, it projects well and lasts a while on me. Not a groundbreaking fragrance, but I enjoy it a lot.

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My final tally for Play Intense is 4.3 stars with a solid “love” for the fragrance community. the coffee note wasn't quite what i was hoping for, as i much prefer the coffee note in armani attitude for example, which is more of a roasted coffee bean than a barista-made cappucino. If this fragrance is reformulated then i am very lucky : i bought GPI one week ago (on fragrancex) and i received a november 2009 batch. Altought, i am not sure about this fragrance in the heat of the summer. IMHO this is one of the best.(along with Valentino Uomo, Bond NY For All and the incredibly cheap-but great Choco musk) Also I definitely find it more masculine than the others I mentioned.(with the exception of the Bond perhaps because of it's strong "roasted" nut accord) I've got a older bottle and while it does give me very good longevity, I don't get very good projection from it at all.(which is contrary to what some others say for the older formulation) Come to think of it, it might be down right poor after the first few hours.

Given the modest pricing, Play Intense is a “steal of a deal” for those looking for a solid tonka bean gourmand fragrance. But i don't think it has been reformulated because when we read the currents reviews a lot of people talks about the great longevity. Unless someone was right next to you, I wouldn't think they would be able to get into your "scent bubble".

Or chucked it somewhere between stage 1 and 2 and left it there. This is a nice fall/winter night time Frag, works best in winter at night indoors or out - reminds me of the chocolate body spray by lynx but better - I bought this basically for the coffee wibe as one of my fave's Armani Attitude has a great coffee note in it - Ralph Laurden Polo Red also has a good coffee note in there too.

For now, this is something to leave on your shelf and wear only when you have nothing else. Real decent fragrance, different from your usual fresh smelling generic "aftershave smell" Lasts long and sillage is ok.

Surprisingly, the new bottles do not signal a reformulation. 2 of my friends also commented that my boyfriend smells really good when wearing it. This is an interesting fragrance and the only way I can describe it is as a synthetic gourmand. Anyway, here's what I get: Stage 1: A bergamot opening so strong it wreaks of alcohol.

I get the same 12 hours of longevity and moderate/large projection as before, and it still smells the same. If you wanna attract girls, definitely try this cologne. This quickly dies down into a warm cinnamon bun with a hint of sugar cookies. Longevity: Not the best on my skin even with skin prep.Based on the warm and inviting note structure, Play Intense is well rounded and versatile for wear to any event and across seasons. It's a perfect intense version of Givenchy Play (than i love too).While I am not sure I get the bottle design, it is unique and definitely a conversation piece. Finaly, i find GPI versatile : day, evening, diner, work, etc.May you all have more success with your life's quandries than I and may we all smell like we own the world!Day 15 - Coiled in question Listening to: Agnes Obel - September Song Captivating and intriguing…I am trying to horde thsi stuff before the dreaded reformulation strikes! Although the ratings suggest this is a winter cologne, i used to wear this in the summer when i owned it years ago!

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