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Here is a clip from one of the most note-worthy scenes of this serial, a clip that highlights the work of both Mahira and Fawad: The Pakistani drama industry has redeemed itself with the airing of “Humsafar” and has been restored to its long lost glory. After a long time, people are able to watch a show where emphasis has been placed on the story, delivery and the acting.

Such is the elegance and grace of the show, that it gives the older Pakistani generation a taste of what TV serials used to be when they were teenagers.

After completing my O’levels, I attended and graduated from St.

Joseph’s College, Karachi in Liberal Arts and went on to study Industrial Design (Product) at Pakistan Design Institute in collaboration with CIM Germany. Everything I learnt from Urdu & English Literature to History to Greek Classics to Political Science, Art and Design Principals has contributed in shaping my mind, my beliefs and my aesthetics.

As an anchor I was also the producer of my show and was involved at every level from research to the final edit. But it was Sultana Siddiqui who felt that there was an actor in me which needed to be explored.

After much persuasion I finally agreed to do a small yet significant role in “Jhumka Jaan” so that just in case it doesn’t work, I would not damage my image as an anchor. I still wasn’t entirely taken in and it was some time later that I accepted a role in “Ishq Gumshuda” tempted by the fact that it was penned by Noorul Huda Shah.

Every status update, video clip, or image shared on these pages gets thousands of likes within hours and they are shared over and over again.

Not only this, but These tweets give one an idea of just how popular the show is and the fans it has gathered in just a few months. In my opinion, the choice of actors and the actors’ performance are key to a successful play production.At least this way, I felt I could entertain the viewers and yet convey the necessary messages. A good storyline, strong characterisation and imagery and a challenge as an actor is what I look for.A lot of writers today have limited exposure so they paint very flat, 2 dimensional characters that are either black or white.Actors Fawad Afzal Khan and Mahira Khan both hold a soft spot in the hearts of people after their phenomenal performances in the movies respectively.Although expectations were high after being cast in such riveting roles, both Khans have risen to the challenge and have delivered stellar performances.I hadn’t started watching the show myself until seven episodes had been aired.

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