Coping rejection dating Fr cam4 asian

Be kind to yourself and recognise that your partner is communicating their own insecurities in ending the relationship.

In some cases the power of your love will be enough to bring your partner back, and if not, it will allow a truer partner to appear in your life.

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When I did this the feelings of rejection began to fade and I could see that my divorce was a huge opportunity to learn about myself.

It also allowed me to see that my ex-wife had her own issues and in recognising these it was much easier to let her go.

I was then vulnerable to feelings of rejection by a partner later in life.

This self-rejection happens because we believe we have failed significant people in our lives (often one or both parents) and do not feel worthy of love.

Try to see the feeling of rejection as a reflection of your own sense of esteem.

There is NOTHING fundamentally wrong with you except a lowered self-esteem.

Those feelings of rejection are not new – they originated long before you met your partner.

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