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And if you call yourself a big literature collector, chances are most people won’t count your Archie comic book collection.

Make sure you’re grounded in reality when creating your profile.

Consider letting a friend preview it to make sure it rings true for them. Keep is Simple Stupid You’re profile isn’t meant to tell the whole story…

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If this person can be found, I can offer a reward of lifetime devotion, long, slow kisses that last for days, midnight massages, a partner that loves to cook and doesn't mind sharing in the household chores, someone to wash your back, a shoulder to lean on, and someone who will hold you at night.

If you think you may have found my smile, please e-mail me as I really need it to be myself. When people are sometimes asked to describe me, the term "spark plug" is often used.

It's fun if you're easily amused, and what's so great about being hard to amuse?

One I had for a while (that i thought was funny, guys notsomuch) was,ur skinny g/f turns in2 ur fat wife So why not just cut to the chase and try a fatty out?

So, it would make sense that you want to make your profile as captivating as possible.

Follow these 10 tips for creating your profile and you’ll be making great connections in no time. Differentiate yourself Before you start creating your masterpiece, peruse through a bunch of existing profiles to see what people are already saying… You’ve got the chance to demonstrate that you’re unique and special – the words you use to describe yourself should set you apart, not make you blend in with the crowd. Have a Fabulous (and realistic) Photo Your photo isn’t the only factor that will make or break you, but it is a major aspect. Don’t settle for a simple head shot – there’s no rule to say you can’t be doing something you love in your photo.

You’re facing some steep competition in the online adult dating world. In fact, you want to make your photo as memorable as possible without being too corny. For goodness sake, let your photo be flattering but it’s also got to be accurate.

Count how many photos you see of people with their dog. If you’ve gained 40 pounds since your photo was taken, choose a more recent shot. don’t use photos that are more than five years old.

I don't know that I've seen headlines that made me want to pee my pants before - but some of the profiles sure do. I have this thing I do, to news headlines, article headlines, profile headlines, whatever.

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