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That is a conversation that could then lead anywhere – to talking about food and drinks, different cuisines, countries, travel, holidays…This is a good one because not only can you find out if you have any common general interests, but you can also find out what kind of person they are – creative, self-motivated, lazy, organized – you can get a good idea of just how much free time they are likely to have to spend with you!

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The great thing about asking about “favorites” is that the person is likely to develop a genuine interest in the conversation, because they are talking about all of the things they like the most!

Asking about your date’s “favorites” also gives you the opportunity to find out more about specific things they like.

Otherwise you could end up having to listen to them waffle on about something you know absolutely nothing about, and have no desire to know either!

Tip: Listen carefully to what your date says, and pick up on the details you find most interesting, then dive in to ask further questions relating to the things you are coffee, so you can pick up on that detail and find out more about what he knows about coffee.

People have strong emotional reactions to conversations that involve religion. It is best to stick to lighter topic areas and focus on having fun on your first date!

You are just getting to know one another, so give yourselves a chance to get to know the good things first, so that you can deal with more challenging things later.For example, if someone has a very specific hobby like dancing Tango, which takes up most evenings of the week, are you going to be able to join in and enjoy yourself?Or are their hobbies going to end up becoming an issue between you?Just because you have asked an open-ended question, it doesn’t mean they should be allowed to “dump”.Often people who are nervous can go to the opposite extreme and become too familiar too quickly.The most important thing to remember is that the happier and relaxed you are, the more you’ll enjoy your date.

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