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Also women get the option to take a selfie since with those they get 4 percent more messages.

So forget about all that selfie-criticism and find some good lighting for your solo shot.

Finally, your questions have been answered, thanks to a study of more than 4,000 online daters by

“It shows fear, and a lack of confidence,” Hartman agrees.

If you do actually feel this way, fake it till you make it; ask an experienced friend (one who actually had success dating online) to help you write your profile.

“Your online profile is literally the first thing that a potential date will be assessing—and potentially judging you on,” says Christie Hartman, Ph.

D., and author of As you sit down to write up a winning online profile—or edit your current one—avoid sinking yourself by misusing one of these common profile phrases: *** What You Write: “I’m looking for something casual.” What She Reads: “I want a no-strings-attached hookup.” According to Hartman, the word “casual” shows that you’re looking for just sex, a one-nighter, or something short-term.

You are supposed to give women a taste of who you are with your profile, but there’s a way of doing that without seeming self-centered.

A question in your profile (e.g., mentioning that you love summer concerts, then asking what their favorite band of all-time is) makes it easier for a woman to take initiative and send you a message.

She will then wonder, “If you can’t put in the effort here, where else will you be slacking?

” Try to come up with something a bit more creative; women will appreciate the effort.

"You’d never get anywhere at a bar with a shirt that read, ‘Let’s get casual.’” (OK, maybe not…but it sure would be funny).

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