Complete dating guide stripper Rsa sex videos

There are also a finite number of girls working at a given time.

This sets the scene for a zero sum game -- a situation in which one girl’s gain is another girl’s loss.

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Complete dating guide stripper

Don’t pressure him into multiples yet, just collect your cash for one song and slowly pull on clothing suggestively as you gyrate. Every wad of green equates to another pellet, every pellet should only be a slight increment from the one before. Why, pray tell, would a gorgeous young man with money, power, charm and intelligence be in a titty bar instead of having dinner with his beautiful wife on a Friday night? It’s a mixed bag of shy guys, assholes, misers and amateurs that make less cake in a week than you do on a Tuesday night. Ideally, you want your tie on the body of a fat 35-50 something that has a nice white tan line where his wedding ring used to be.

When the song comes to a close, begin to pull off a layer. If in your mind each reveal or position is another step toward losing $1,000 you just bet at strip poker, you have the potential to make that much when it’s all said and done. Veterans know that Bobs are an undervalued market in skin palaces all over the world. Examine the knot of the tie -– does it look like this poor asshole tied it himself, sloppily, with lobster claws for hands? It probably isn't the first time he's worn one, he's just used to his recently gotten-the-fuck-outta-there wife tying it for him every morning. He's in your club because he would prefer that it be you who pillages his pockets and takes his money before she does.

There’s a finite amount of money in the room at any given time.

Here’s a location breakdown:-the actual cash in customer’s wallets;-the secret stash they keep in the car so they don't spend it inside..end up going out to get it anyway like a spare bag of cocaine; and-the physical cash held in ATMs within the club’s walls (or within two minutes of drunk walking).

Your best strategy would be to pull a Rip Off Bitch and demand a deposit in advance for “future services” at the motel up the street…but it’s hardly worth the drama.

Avoid this one unless you’re bored and want to fuck with his head or direct him to the city’s busiest 3 AM street corner.

The next morning all incoming calls are predictably ignored. An expensive lunch is in order to refuel and get motivated for the night ahead. PUTTING YOUR PSYCH DEGREE TO WORKAttraction (his) and enthusiasm (yours) are the dry tinder of lap dances. Just when he’s expecting you to ask for a dance, take a lap around the room, making eyes at your target throughout. Observe how far away the oldest girl at your club stays from a suspected Cocaine Sociopath –- It isn't because she's afraid of him, it's because she knows how much his money costs and is there to get paid, not mindfucked and manipulated by a degenerate serial soul collector.

Shopping always sounds appealing, but watching your bank teller uncomfortably fidget and banter as he counts every single dollar bill from the night before is schadenfreude at its sweetest. While getting a guy who likes your look to buy a dance is not so hard, the key to getting multiple song sessions is to condition him using the principles of Skinner’s Box to make him addicted to your box. Reciprocated eye contact is the green light; grab him by the hand, lead him to a booth. Bobs -- Bobs, or “Back of Bars,” do what their name says they do –- they sit in the back of the bar, away from the stage. Fledgling Bobs always think that it's cool to play dress up in hopes of being mistaken for a High Roller, but most strippers know that overdressed youth are either insecurely fronting or just finished a shift at their catering gig.

High Roller -- The extremely obvious rich idiot who dresses like he's 20 when he's actually 50, picks one girl per club to dump barrels of cash onto and disappears every few months for a while when his wife discovers how many credit card cash advances he did at the bank adjacent to your club.

The hustle here is look expensive, be obscenely aggressive and do what he wants you to do: take all of his money.

A naked girl who wants to talk to you on the basis of your net worth isn't so different from a clothed one, and Incognitos strategically throw off the scent of the money-hungry stripper Bloodhound by dressing down.

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