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Namibia is one of the driest countries in the world.There is a gradient of increasing aridity from east to west (as the cold Benguela ocean current is approached), and from north to south. Trump, Gülen'in iadesi konusunu inceleteceğini, gerekirse ABD'de yargılanıp yargılanamayacağı konusuna da bakacağı sözünü vermişti. Fransa İçişleri Bakanı Bruno Le Roux, kızlarını kağıt üzerinde parlamento çalışanı olarak gösterip onlara kamu bütçesinden maaş ödettiği iddiaları üzerine istifa etti. Fransa İçişleri Bakanı Le Roux Yolsuzluk İddiası Üzerine ...

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The number of environmental practitioners is small, and concentrated in Windhoek.

This has not led to a high degree of functional integration of datasets or electronic databases; with the possible exception of the environmental atlas under construction at DEA.

Water pollution is a concern, given the relative scarcity of potable water in the country.

Biodiversity preservation Namibia, like most other southern African countries, relies on its natural landscape and biota as a tourism draw-card.

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