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The discrepancies are not small and remain unexplained. Isenberg MD highlights some (but not all) of the flaws, which also include unsupported claims, poor methodology and conclusions in opposition with data.

Landripet and Stülhofer surveyed men in Norway, Croatia and Portugal.

Prause claims to have gathered data from four of her earlier studies, none of which addressed ED.

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compilation videos, multiple tabs), and presence of hypersexuality/porn addiction.

As we explained in our original post, there’s only one practical way to confirm whether erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation or abnormally low desire for sex with a partner is porn-induced or not: eliminate porn use for an extended period and see if normal sexual response returns.

Hald pointed out that, “In pornography research — even small effect sizes may carry considerable social and practical significance.” What else did the authors overlook to generate their “null results” claims?

For example, what variables have been considered if their objective was to investigate porn’s role in sexual dysfunctions?

Prior to the advent of free streaming online porn, cross-sectional studies and meta-analyses consistently reported ED rates of 2 to 3 percent in men under 40.

That’s about a 1000 percent increase in youthful ED rates in the last 20 years.

They need to investigate a combination of variables.

For example: ratio of masturbation to porn versus masturbation without porn, ratio of sexual activity with a person versus masturbation to porn, gaps in partnered sex (where one relies only on porn), virgin or not, years of use, age regular Internet porn use started, escalation to new genres, novelty per session (i.e.

A third brain study found that porn addicts’ brains habituated faster to sexual images.

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