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Lack of original concept in setting, story-telling, or gameplay prevented the series from being at the top of the genre's offerings.The series featured the same hero, a boy who could shift into a dragon, but the world was different in each game, and each story was independent from the other."Xenogears" had a distinct animé influence and was set in a futuristic world.

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After choosing a character and stats the next screen will have a cheat button.

As in "Chrono Trigger", the game offered a good deal of non-linear playing, several endings, and a New Game option.

You could also recruit many different characters to your party.

Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht started a series of remote prequels to "Xenogears", which took place in a different universe and many years before.

Many features were borrowed from "Xenogears", such as sci-fi setting and additional gear combat.

Instead of traditional magic casting there were non-reusable spells you had to equip as items.

Although "Chrono Cross" was less popular than "Chrono Trigger", it was equal to it in quality and even surpassing it in some aspects. Although Square itself never created a sequel to it, the game became so popular that Monolith decided to make it into a series by proclaiming it the final episode of their upcoming Xenosaga series.

Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse continued directly the unfinished story of its predecessor.

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