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Compare that to sitting virtually motionless at a video monitor watching two dimensions of reality, damaging your back and not getting any exercise for your heart, growing more socially isolated.I had a tremendous intellectual conversion experience when I took a couple of years off and studied at the Integrated Humanities Program at University of Kansaswhich has since been dismantled, tragically.Angels and Devil Apologetics Autobiography Bible Study Bible Biography Cards Catechetics Catholic Culture Catholic Social Teaching Catholicism and culture Catholicism Children Christian Living Christianity Christmas Christology Church Documents Church Teachings Church and Papacy Church history Church, Politics & Economics Church Comparative Religions Confession Conversions Coping with grief, afterlife Crafts and Customs Creation DVDDevotion and Sacramental Doctrine/Heresy Easter Encyclicals Evangelisation Evolution Exorcism Family Fiction Freemasonry Heaven, Hell & Purgatory Historical Fiction History Homeschool Inspirational Last Things Life Issues Literature Liturgy Marian Devotions Mariology Marriage Mass and Liturgy Meditations Men Mercy Miracles, Wonders Miscellaneous Moral Theology Mormons Music Novena PApologetics Philosophy Piety Prayer Priesthood/Vocations Psychology Revelations Rosary Sacraments & Sacramentals Saints Science Scripture Sexuality/Chastity Social teaching Spirituality Theology Time management Video Vocations Women Youthnovelpapacy Ignatius Tan Sophia Institute Press St Augustine's Press Our Sunday Visitor Catholic Book Publishing Co CTSSt Paul Publications Servant Books St Paul Books & Media Scepter Publications Catholic Truth Society Connor Court Pauline Books and Media CBPCLiguori Parousia Media John XXIII Co-op Divine Mercy Publications Bethlehem Lovasik, Lawrence GNo Author John Paul IIWinkler, Fr Jude Hahn, Scott Benedict XVIRatzinger, Cardinal Kreeft, Peter Von Balthasar, Hans Urs Lewis, C SVatican IIGroeschel, Fr Benedict JRay, Stephen KGod Kosicki, Fr George W.

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Ironically, our lives become less convenient as a result of our conveniences, since we're always trying to recover what technology took away from us. Here's something we have to work many hours to pay for, maintain, fuel.

Over a lifetime we spend more on our cars than on our houses. Then we sit in this vehicle a couple of hours a day, and miss out on the exercise we would have gotten if we walked or biked.

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No, he wasn't pushing them by cloning babies or sending spores into space; instead, he pushed back against technology, deciding to spend a year living as our ancestors all didgrowing crops and harvesting them by hand, plowing fields with a horse, jarring fruit, singing and praying with a community of primitive Amish.

After reading his account of this year, GODSPY: You lived for a year with your wife among a community of low-tech, low-church Christians you called the Minimites.

It was led by the famous professor John Seniorwho served as my sponsor when I became a Catholic.

He provided insights into the pitfalls of the machine society which had never dawned on me before.

Even then, Eric Brende was developing his critique of the cult of technology and its effect on Western man.

I wasn't exactly open to hearing his ideas Now, some 22 years later, after stints at the University of Kansas and M. T, and a conversion to Catholicism, Eric has written a fascinating account of his first-hand investigation of the limits of technology.

Now we have to artificially re-create all those things we lostthrough online dating, chat rooms, and so on. I was philosophically predisposed to enjoy the experience, whereas my wife, Mary, was only doing it because I wanted to.

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