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After performing covers of “Over You” by Miranda Lambert and “Stupid Boy” by Keith Urban with coach Blake Shelton by her side assisting her, Cassadee proved to herself and her fans that she is able to step out of the pop-punk scene they are used to seeing her in and sing other genres of music as well.

Let me look her up.” In doing a simple Google search on “Cassadee Pope” I was presented with this right sidebar information box right on the Google search returns page.

When I saw the reference to “Hey Monday” — I began to realize there was something odd afoot at the altar of the mainstream pop mindset if Cassadee was just crowned the “winner” of a singing competition.

Imagine my surprise when I kept hearing the name “Cassadee Pope” lingering in the mainstream media as the winner of season three of The Voice.

“Hmm,” I thought to myself, “The obnoxious spelling of ‘Cassadee’ is ringing familiar in both eye and ear.

"With the whole Jersey thing, that really sucked and we were upset about it, but we were more upset about losing a friend, and we never really sat down and were worried about 'Oh my God, is this the end of the band? "Because the three of us are so passionate about it, and we've talked about it a million times, about how this is our dream come true, and not to say any of us could quit tomorrow — you never know.

But no one has to worry, the show must go on, and we're really excited and nothing's going to stop us." Unfortunately, something eventually did stop Hey Monday from pushing forward because the band announced their hiatus in 2011, leaving Pope with an opportunity to audition for "The Voice." To Pope's credit, throughout her time on "The Voice" she frequently spoke about her anxiety over leaving the band to pursue a solo career.

Twenty-three year old Cassadee Pope is a singer and songwriter from Florida who recently won NBC’s season three of “The Voice”.

However, before stunning all four judges within the first minute while auditioning with her cover of Natalie Imbruglia’s song “Torn”, Cassadee had already established a fan base.

But as those who've followed Pope's pre-"Voice" career know, the sweet and personable singer has been working hard to make it in the music industry for quite some time now.

The Florida native discovered her love of singing at a young age and cultivated her talent as part of her middle school's award-winning jazz band.

In 2008, Cassadee and her former band Hey Monday were discovered by Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz; consequently signing a joint record deal with Decay Dance and Columbia Records.

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