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The week was quite busy, actually July was a little bit quieter but I still had to work late at night. Je l'ai installée toute seule comme j'avais déjà installée les anciennes box - et comme ici, je ne changeais que de boitier, ils ont gentiment gardé tous mes paramètres, il suffisait de brancher le tout, et d'attendre.It was easier to come to work when it was cold and rainy, since the sun is back, I have admit I have more trouble coming to work. Évidemment, j'ai tout fait trop vite - le server puis le player, quand j'ai vu qu'il cherchait toujours la connexion DSL, je me suis rendue compte que c'était le seul câble que j'avais oublié de brancher au boîtier ! La nouvelle télécommande, celle-ci est beaucoup plus simple et ergonomique mais livrée comme tel.Third year na mi, d japun mi classmate unya karon kay tungod nagkahinayg bulgar ang tanan kay ang baba sakong ameyga d namn jud mapugngan mao to, nag celebrate jud to sla hahahaha!

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Pag makadungog ko ato kay maglagot ko HAHAHAHA) jusko ako lugar nakadungog feel na feel kay text2 gud mi jusko naman lahi man ang g ingon nga ngalan mygiiid mura kog naglutaws panganod nga color red, nasakitan ko da!

Wala ko nag dahom nga naa syay g char tas g char pud ko niya hahahahaha!

Mao to, sungog2 pero wala jud na bulgar kay kabalo man to sya mg keep ug secret hahaha!

Fast forward ta, nya karon third year nami grabe g unsa kaya nako ni nagpadayon man sa paglambo jusko hahahaha!

Bagaag nawng oy, naa na diay syay uyab ato tas kami text2 pud without knowing, mao ng gitawag nga ASSUMING jud diay ko abi nako nakita na nako akoang forever, tas until naka graduate ko wala juuddd Ana jud diay ng gugma no? Crush lang to ha pero nagdugo akong kasing2 natural buhi man hahahaha.

Lesson learned jud ni ayaw jud mog assume kay masakitan ra mo ug ayaw sag gugma2 mga friends kung dli pa mo sure sa inyong g bati. She went on to work at a number of other firms, successfully arguing cases in the US Circuit Court, the US District Court and the New York Supreme Court.“I am especially proud of winning a multi million-dollar verdict against Wal-Mart for disability discrimination in my first federal trial, as well as the work I did on gender discrimination in some of the largest Wall Street institutions,” she says.It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine. XYZ (⚡ AMP enabled ) is a music search engine from where you can download your favourite songs from web. Non, je ne fume pas, mais j'adore ce film - je le regarde aux alentours de Noël chaque année, je connais presque les dialogues par coeur !

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