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At that time he reported it to be widely spread, but more common in Texas and Louisiana than other Gulf Coast states.

In 2006, this species was reported as far north as Wilmington, North Carolina (Mousseau 2006).

Lovebugs are small black flies with a dull, somewhat velvety appearance, except that the top of the thorax (the area immediately behind the head) is red.

Neither sex has the ability to store lipids in fat body cells (Van Handel 1976).

See a more detailed, scientific description in Key to the Species.

However, Buschman (1976) documented the progressive movement of this fly species around the Gulf Coast into Florida.

Research was conducted by University of Florida and U. Department of Agriculture entomologists only after the lovebug was well established in Florida.

Complaints about the larvae and adults of Dilophus sayi (reported as Dilophus orbatus, an earlier name) were statewide in California during October of 1970 (USDA Cooperative Economic Insect Report 20797).

In this same volume, there were numerous reports of it being a problem during autumn in sod and lawns, including one report of 1,000 larvae per square meter in a nursery at Oakland, Alameda County, California.

However, this species is of minor importance compared to Plecia nearctica, which can be a nuisance on roads in the southeastern United States.

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