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The promoter behind John Lydon and Brandon Boyd's all-star Jesus Christ Superstar musical scrapped the tour two weeks before opening night due to "horrific" ticket sales.

Brandon Boyd: Everything I said in the previous answer but then I stretch my hamstrings to ‘get in the zone’ as you say.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Visit Boyd’s website for more information about his solo activity.

INCUBUS star BRANDON BOYD fell for supermodel girlfriend CAROLYN MURPHY after kissing her in an orgy.

Boyd asked the ESTEE LAUDER model to play his love interest in an orgy scene in controversial video...

INCUBUS singer BRANDON BOYD has been hobbling around on crutches after severing his Achilles tendon in a bizarre gardening accident.

The rocker was repotting a tree last autumn (03) when he stepped onto a...

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Rock Cellar Magazine: What was the very first concert or musical you remember attending? Brandon Boyd: The first show I ever saw was Bon Jovi and Skid Row in San Diego, California. Rock Cellar Magazine: What is it about performing live that resonates the most with you?

Do you have any pre-show routines to get ‘in the zone’?

Rocker Brandon Boyd has denied stalking allegations after he was slapped with a restraining order from a former reality Tv star.

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