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For the french translation and a brief presentation, this way please. Tokimeki Memorial Girl is right there, Hatoful Boyfriend the pigeon dating-sim is over there, and if you want to know whether Jane Austen’s works translate well in videogames, look no further than her Matches & Matrimony AAR. I’m a cancer survivor, an avid gamer, and I do quality assurance by day and post silly stuff to the internet by night. Even though it wasn’t translated into English, I was fascinated enough with the concept to give it a try, using a Geocities fansite to navigate the Japanese menus.

I’d say that Angelique is probably what really piqued my interest in the genre.

The stereotypical bishounen generally has long hair, a slender, graceful figure, and lacks facial hair. They are also likely to have certain personality traits, like sensitivity, secretiveness, moodiness, refinement, and a dark, tormented past.

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I think the stories most of these games are interesting enough to stand on their own.

They build on stereotypes, but when they are at their best they avoid being stereotypical. I love the creativity, something like "a dating game.... " just makes me instantly want to jump in feet first.

Literally means "pretty boy," as in an attractive member of the male gender.

Also spelled "bishonen," and sometimes shortened to "bish" and "bishie/bishy." It is a Japanese word, adopted by female anime fans in the rest of the world to denote any male anime, manga, or video game character they happen to find good looking.

Not to mention how much I laugh every time some doe-eyed guy says something like "I just can’t live without Balls in my life ! Sometimes weirdness just for the sake of weirdness doesn’t work out that way, but when it does work, the weirder games end up being some of my favorites.

" I’ve also used Bollocks Mahoney for a Regency-era game and Kintama Mahoney for one set in ancient Japan. Do you feel there’s a real potential in cross-breeding the dating genre with more mainstream genres ?It’s hard to pinpoint the actual audience they have.The genre basically started targeting men, and the genre remains popular with men in Japan, but I think we’ve seen more embrace of it by women in the West. Anyone who likes romance and isn’t afraid of being judged for it ?Your Let’s Play are always making fun of the games, and I guess a lot of people enjoy them while they would never touch the games themselves.I don’t really have a hard line between enjoying something in earnest and making fun of it.You can also find dating-sim mechanics married to other style of game.

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