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Bruno Morais is a record collector as well as singer, songwriter, producer, documentarian, and musical host extraordinaire (somebody had to go bowling with Flava Flav in São Paulo).

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For our forebears and for many today, the sense of the world is linked to the senses of Genesis.

Or, to put it differently, it is a mutual entanglement, in which the world is interpreted through Genesis, and Genesis is seen through the conceptual and moral framework of the world.

The identification of the snake with Satan is more than a side-story in Judaism and Christianity.

It shows how important the book of Genesis was (and still is), and how thinking about Genesis has long been a central activity.

24, a spotlight is shone on the famous, world-changing Gutenberg Bible. Michael Inman, the NYPL's curator for rare books, said he has "no idea" where that date comes from, and said, "The closest thing most scholars can agree on is that the printing was completed at some point in 1455, that he was working on it for several years, and that there were approximately 180 copies of the book printed." He added that "of the few books which Gutenberg may have had a hand in printing, only the Catholicon of 1460 is dated." The earliest printed book in general that's dated is the Mainz Psalter, which was printed in 1457, according to Inman.

Email inboxes and websites repeatedly flash the seemingly credible information that on this date in 1456, the Bible was completed, marking the first book ever made with movable type. But regardless of when the book was actually printed, one thing is for sure - the Gutenberg Bible deserves to be honored and remembered.

With the destruction of Satan, the snake's legacy will be over, and we will live in paradise once more.

In this religious scenario (which we call apocalypticism), Satan and the snake play similar roles, and so the two figures become one.

"NYPL is very much about the democratization of knowledge," Inman said.

"The Bible epitomizes that ideal, which is to spread the power of learning, to empower people to learn." The Gutenberg Bible is part of NYPL's Treasures Collection.

But to some early interpreters, the role of the snake was too important, too momentous, for the snake to just be a smart reptile. Previously he was a minor figure who was subservient to God, as in the book of Job.

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