Become less intimidating

That's not an unreasonable concern, but sometimes we can be overly cautious around people who appear 'tough'.It's one thing if someone really is in a gang, or they've been known to mug people at their school, but often people will dress and act in a tough way when they're really not that bad.There's not much to getting past this one except more practice with social and conversation skills so you feel more comfortable in their presence.

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Once someone has moved on to college or the work world they usually don't run across as many tough guys.

The fear here is that these people are dangerous loose cannons who may kick your ass at any second.

They can be scary in their own right because you worry you'll do or say something stupid around them and they'll call you out on it.

This is sometimes more of a problem for people when they're still in high school, when all kinds of students are mixed together and they may run into characters like this.

A lot of employees are intimidated by their managers, or students by their professors.

Someone may also be nervous around police officers, high-status professionals like doctors and lawyers, religious authorities, or employees who have power in a particular establishment, like bouncers or bartenders.

Trying to analyze your intimidation away probably won't do a ton.

The first time someone ever has to go to their boss to ask them a question they may feel really scared.

This is another area where some experience can take the intimidating edge off a group.

For example, a guy who hangs out with other men more may eventually get used to their style and overwrite his old belief that all guys are jerks who will cruelly make fun of him.

They may feel that way because they got picked on as a kid, or because they never really felt like they fit the male stereotype.

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