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Pravala, which has strong ties to the University of Waterloo, will be installing a wireless access point on each of the buses, linking riders to the Internet through Rhyzome Networks’ citywide Wi Fi network.Cellular networks will also be used to complement the Wi Fi signal, so that the rider has strongest possible connection available.

But the Wi Fi signal on the bus, when it’s turned on in Stratford later this year, will travel in waves.

And that means the people on the bus will soon be able to send and receive emails and surf the Internet while they’re waiting for their stop.

Homemade broth can restore your joints, blood vessels, skin, bone, intestines and more…

We argue over the great nutritional deficiencies of our time. Maybe the most overlooked deficiency is simply real soup, not the stuff in a can.

These connective tissues are the mud and straw of our bodies, the glue and fiber that hold us together and even act as an internal electric grid.

Homemade soups contain a raft of proteins, including the amino acids lysine and proline emphasized by Linus Pauling along with glucosamine/chondrotin sulfate and hyaluronic acid plus all the phosphorous and other minerals that leach from bone and cartilage.

You may note these contents in various arthritis supplements and see Vitamin C/collagen appearing on labels of high end beauty and wrinkle creams.

Stocks can be used in dozens of ways beside soup to slurp with a spoon.

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The first bus is expected to be connected before the end of the year, with the rest to follow shortly after.

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