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Samantha Brett is a social commentator, columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald and Australia's number 1 sex and dating blogger.

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Broken down into 101 key lessons, this book shows you how to re-define yourself and attract better men with the NO CASUAL SEX CHALLENGE, and how to get the man of your dreams to pursue you with the MAN CHASE-ME PLAN.

And if getting over your ex is proving hard, there's also Samantha's 30-DAY EX DETOX DIET.

It’s important to challenge the ideals that surround you to become the most dateable version of you and to make the best decision for yourself, enjoying this single but dating life along the way.

We now have the right to live the life men have been doing for years, we just need a little help and advice to work out how to do it our way. Relationships come and go but friends last forever, right? Now that 2017 is well and truly in full swing, we want to help you keep those resolutions and good intentions on track for a happy and healthy year.

And with a little practice, you'll learn to apply these exercises and practical techniques to your dating life.

Dating is different these days and the traditional rules just don’t seem to always apply.Just like we are able to see some romances with an end date, we should also view friendships this way.It’s only natural and there is no shame, but how and when you end a friendship will depend on the type of bond you have had. “I want that in my partner as well because I know how sh*tty it is to be that person that does the wrong thing and…Many experts have tried to argue which is natural to the human race, with the arguments staying strong on both sides and still no winner. It’s not if monogamy or non monogamy is necessarily natural in general but whether it is natural to you. If it were not natural for humans to be monogamous to each other than it would explain infidelity and those who have open relationships. I have an urge to each chocolate all the time but it doesn’t mean I’m going too or that it’s good for me….But is it because it’s natural or not or because it’s what you want? One of eight, brand new Ladybird humour titles written for an adult readership.

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