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Although I was a bit skeptical and nervous, I did keep my appointment.After going through their presentation I decided to join.

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Within two weeks I discovered that was not the case, their member base is a rather ordinary cross section of society and they charge different people different fees depending on if people tell them they can't afford their high fees or not.

They ask you how much you spend on entertainment in a month.

My dad is a lawyer and told me Connections was going to put up a fight.

I went back two days later while my dad waited in the car.

On 1/23/08 "Melissa" of Round Rock names Michael Miess by name as the owner of Great Expectations and you can read what her interaction with him was like.

I was taken for 95.00 for a years membership plus monthly website maint fees, I bought in on the basis that it was a high end premier dating service for professional singles.

They told me I should cancel the membership and think about it.

I told them I couldn't cancel which made them even more angry at me and made me even more worried about my decision so I decided I would try to cancel my membership and wait.

Here is news story from Tennessee where he is again named as an owner of a Great Expectations receiving complaints of fraud.

is a link to Consumer Affairs: post on 4/6/09 from "Samuel" calls out that Great Expectations simply changed their business name to Connections Dating.

I was so nervous because I really wanted to do this but I was regretting my quick decision.

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