DNA samples can be collected using painless mouth swabs. Although we encourage saliva samples, we can actually test other samples such as hairs, semen, toe and finger nails and many more.

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Whenever the parent(s) in question are available for testing, the DNA paternity or maternity test is always recommended over the DNA Aunt/Uncle test.

However, in situations where the alleged parents are missing or deceased, then the Aunt or Uncle can be tested to investigate the likelihood that they are the true biological aunt or uncle of a child in questions.

Individuals who are not biologically related are expected to have a kinship index value that is less than 1.0.

The greater the kinship index value over 1.0, the higher the likelihood that the two individuals are related.

This type of DNA test is also known as avuncular DNA testing.

When trying to determine an avuncular relationship the most conclusive method, if at all possible, is to test the parent of the child in question.

GTL offers Aunt, Uncle DNA testing which determines the statistical probability that a person is the aunt or uncle of their niece or nephew.

The price of the test, which starts at £249, includes one aunt or uncle and 1 niece or nephew.

When processing an avuncular DNA test, the laboratory will establish the genetic profile of the alleged relative and the child.

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