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Oh, and I can't just use a Validation Summary control either--I have to render...

But in this article, we'll demonstrate a way to resurrect the concept within MVC. NET MVC In order to properly demonstrate how Custom Controls Everywhere can be achieved within MVC, we need to set our baseline.

We're going to use a pretty basic sample: a screen that offers a login form as well... When I start my explanation of Custom Controls Everywhere, many listeners think I'm off my rocker.

I'm pretty happy with the naming convention that I ended up with, but the search and replace isn't going so well to this point.

I had estimated that 30% of the usage of the previous methods would be incorrect. I don't have numbers, but so far it feels like we were wrong more often than we were right.

" That's something that I've been wondering about as well. NET MVC framework, and others it seems, if the controller has no reference to the view, how does the controller tell the view that the first name field is required?

How does the controller tell the view that the phone number field must be a valid US phone number?

NET MVC (Part 1) thread on Scott Gu's blog, there's a little discussion between myself and a couple of others about whether or not a controller should have any logic in it.

Doug Ramirez stated: Each 'thing' in the model should include it's own business rules, validation rules, security, and persistance [sic] rules.

I was trying to remember when that was, and was able to remember for me. posted @ Sunday, January 27, 2008 AM | Feedback (7) I worked more last night on my ASP. posted @ Thursday, January 24, 2008 PM | Feedback (1) Over the past few months, I posted several times about my extended MVP Pattern.

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