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[Read: How to text a girl you like and make her want you] And when you feel like there’s some secret chemistry in the air, just sit next to her, use these tips and watch her get aroused in no time!

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If she feels awkward or uncomfortable, it’s the end of the road for your sexual endeavor.

Find an excuse to touch her fingers, either by brushing her palm with yours or by giving her something to hold.

And even if there’s a lot of space to sit on, squeeze close to her and immediately shift her focus to the tablet or book in your hands so she’s too distracted to slide her butt away from you. Get her distracted from the touches by having an interesting conversation with her.

Make sure your arms touch each other, because the soft grazing of both your arms is crucial to rouse the sexual tension and turn her on. Get her attention by gossiping about something you heard or reveal a little secret you heard from a little birdie.

Now that you are in your late 20s, they're seem young and fresh and sweaty, and I'll stop now. You almost sniff the back of a guy's neck on the train.

The subway is a sardine can crammed with attractive professional Youngs and you inevitably wind up facing the back of a guy who looks hot from the back. You slow down and "cruise" when a guys' cross country team runs past your car. You text back the number that occasionally texts you at a.m. You start sexting that number without asking who it is. Even though there is the possibility that you will IMMEDIATELY received a shocked response from your mom's friend Donna. You find yourself Google Image-searching hot actors. Or you're like the pervy older lady who goes, "WOOOO! Pull out your tablet and show off a cool new app, or read out a long interesting article from a magazine she likes.But as you sit next to her, make sure you’re sitting in a tight spot so your arms are touching each other’s. She’s already touching you and she’s obviously conscious of that. That guy over there in the dress shirt eyeing us creepily looks kinda cute!

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