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Even if you and your date don’t share the same taste in art, Phoenix offers plenty of diverse art experiences you can share together.

From galleries to special art events, this date night idea gives you something of substance to discuss.

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Some people prefer to stay perspiration-free, especially in the early stages of a relationship. We have no shortage of hiking trails of varying difficulty levels.

Take your date to Dobbins Lookout on South Mountain. Pack a picnic, or hike back down to the bottom and head to your favorite restaurant.

With such a wide selection, it’s easy to find something both you and your date can enjoy.

Here are some of our suggestions for a successful Phoenix date night.

We also gave ourselves three choices for each letter. Would love for you to join us and try it for yourselves this year!

:) When’s the last time you made dating a priority?

The garden features over 50 plant varieties and 1,500 tons of hand-selected rock, all with a Japanese-inspired design. Other features of the garden include a waterfall, tea garden, and Shachi monument. The ceremonies are held on the third Saturday of the month, so check the schedule to see if it lines up with your date schedule.

Another garden option is the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, located in Papago Park.

Last year we managed to complete 52 unique dates, which meant every week was something different.

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