Are charlene and michael cera really dating

JJ: Well, originally I heard that they went to Anchor Bay, who said, “We don’t want an actor to play the director.” So when I first came on, there was nothing official.So he said, “You’re coming on, and you’re just going to play me.” CY: Well, at a certain point while we were pitching, we didn’t say that someone else was playing him, because it was so complicated.

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CY: I think Nick wanted me onscreen because he thinks I’m unique.

[Laughs.] JJ: And they were thinking of other people for Michael too.

” And us being like, “We’re shooting a movie,” and he’s like, “He’s a movie star, man, who cares? ” So I guess the beauty of having permits and having a bigger budget is that you avoid drunks.

[Laughs.] AVC: Were you all friends before filming? AVC: So how did they approach you, Jake, about getting involved?

But then the credits roll, “Nick Jasenovec played by Jake Johnson” appears onscreen, and the whole thing starts to seem fishy. But then at the end, it says “Nick Jasenovec played by Jake Johnson.” So it’s not like we were totally fooling them. CY: Well, I didn’t sit around eating hamburgers all day.

JJ: We didn’t want people leaving and then still being like, “What’s going on? Originally, I was curious about love, and I was a bit skeptical myself.

CY: Yes and no, but I think yes in terms of, if we were making a straight documentary. I don’t think it takes away from it, because we were very aware that we were making a film that wasn’t going to be spontaneous.

But knowingly we were making a movie, and kind of seeing it as “This is a movie with ‘boy meets a girl,’ there is a structure to it, and there’s an outline to it.” And that’s not where the spontaneity was going to come from, except for the improv. Even though there was so much spontaneous stuff that happened.

Then I met Charlyne, and Charlyne asked me to do a live show with her, and then we had all worked together.

When they decided they wanted to cast somebody to play Nick, I got a call. Why not also have someone play the Michael part, or Charlyne?

I don’t think anyone else was included on that, though, except you see, like, in the date scene when Michael and Charlyne—in the background, you’ll see people looking at the camera.

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