Anza shareholders liquidating

Thinking about underwater vehicles and how they might have executed these cut-and-run jobs reminded me of the extensive arsenal at Israel's disposal.

There are, of course, kinds of pirates, like the Pirates of the Mediterranean.

They have the means, the motive and the track record of generating chaos in everybody else's backyards.

Many Middle Eastern countries were affected at the time, notably Egypt and Iran.

Israel and Iraq were not affected as they use alternative routes.

It turns out that there have been numerous incidents of severed undersea communications cables in recent years. In February 2008, three cables were severed in the space of three days.

Two were situated off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt and the third off the coast of Dubai, again in 'restricted areas' - namely to prevent cargo ships from doing the very thing they are accused of here. Some think the number reached as high as nine, with several of them occurring simultaneously.

I think it's interesting that this time around, Iran has announced that it will begin accepting gold for all its international trade.

Gaddafi made a similar announcement shortly before NATO bombed Libya.

It's the next (patho)logical step up in cyberwarfare.

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