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Yeah, it's so strange that nowadays a group of people would form together in order to celebrate and preserve their heritage! Stormfront is a white suprematicist internet website where anyone can join and post derogatory comments about other races.

Oh, wait a second, don't blacks, mexicans, indians and asians do that everyday? It is awful that people to this day, forty years after the civil rights movement, and with all our efforts to make america a more accepting place, there is still a large segment of our population that is very backward and racist.

How many millions of people have been killed in the name of Aryan pride? OMG they are going to go and murder the whole world!!! I stay in the Opposing Views section too much to be looking for external sources of ignorance and stupidity.

All in all, I think all this attention is a good thing. Maybe some are scared that we are actually starting to speak up and maybe some are secretly glad because deep down they share the same views. The posters on Yahoo hate our guts out, but they are scared to death. qid =20080623015205AAAA0SN I'm surprised how many people actually say it's alright we exist.

I found this comment hilarious under the question: "Are there any leftwing, neocon or Zionist message boards that welcome opposing views the way Stormfront does? AOL have many debate chat rooms and msg boards that welcome all views." Hwbv That is so funny, as you probably know AOL blocks Stormfront. I rarely ever see an intelligent answer of any kind on there.

Yahoo Answers is the largest gathering of idiots on the internet.

The views of conservatives and neo-Nazi white supremacists are very similar.

A white America, no immigrants (except European ones), a strong central government, and support for war against anyone who disagrees with your views. Do all conservatives get their news from Stormfront, National Vanguard, and any other white supremacy websites available?

I’ve heard plenty of people complain, “The date felt like a job interview!

” Or, “I got the feeling I was being interrogated.” It’s true also that one of the primary goals of a date is discover important things about the other person so you can evaluate if you want a second date (or even a third).

, gives you the benefit of a personal matchmaker who picks your matches and guides you to success.

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