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Managers for Jennifer Lawrence made an announcement on her official website saying that the photos were fake.

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Photos showing a nude Hope Solo have been released as part of a package of hacked pictures in the second such release of hacked personal content of celebs by 4Chan and other online sites such as Gizmodo.

The list of celebs involved in the release also includes actress Aubrey Plaza and Kim Kardashian.

Earlier in the month of september over 100 celebrities were targetted by hackers who took over a hundred of naked photographs and sex tapes from their personal accounts and leaked them to the public.

The original list also included celebrities Kate Bosworth, Selena Gomez and Jessica Brown Findlay.

I hope it's a book that people read but it's probably a book that nobody should read because I know nothing. ANNA: yeah, that's a chapter -- like threesomes sounds like a great idea, right? CONAN: You don't think any woman should date a magician? ANNA: I think someone who really enjoys tricking you -- I enjoy a good magician every now and again but in my daily life do you want somebody who's like I'm not telling you my secrets?

ANNA: can you knock it off and tell me your secrets.

I don't think you want like the first chair violin.

I won't say which ones but there's three of them that it's really not good. ANNA: well, comedian -- CONAN: Also on the list, right?

She adored watching plays and inevitably created her own with all the neighborhood kids.

Her first paid job was at the Seattle Repertory Theater at age nine.

To all the ladies, Anna Faris has some dating advice you should be listening to! Always up for a magic show now and then, Faris finds it enjoyable to see magic being peformed but she has questions and caution when thinking of dating a magician who can’t tell his “secrets” on a daily basis.

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