fat garl hdxx - Ajax updating a gridview with jquery

hi, i have a view with a dropdown list, a gridview and a google map.i'm using j Query's $function in order to update the map markers after every change of the dropdown list value.It is equipped with all the necessary features of server side data processing.

To highlight the row on mouse over, get the reference of the mouse hover row and add the css class named In this article, I have explained how to use ASP.

NET Grid View and j Query to seamlessly list, insert, update and delete records.

Examples of applications using AJAX: Google Maps, Gmail, Youtube, and Facebook tabs.

AJAX was made popular in 2005 by Google, with Google Suggest.

Google Suggest is using AJAX to create a very dynamic web interface: When you start typing in Google's search box, a Java Script sends the letters off to a server and the server returns a list of suggestions.

In our ASP tutorial, we will demonstrate how AJAX can update parts of a web page, without reloading the whole page. If you want to learn more about AJAX, visit our AJAX tutorial.in the action map i was checking the $_POST request values in order to make the sql query, what i needed to do was actually to check the $_GET requests.In this article, I am going to use JQuery with json data and web method to update/delete in grid view without sending page to the server and without putting grid view in edit mode. NET Grid View j Query tips and tricks - Part 2 Before you proceed with this article, please read its first part that explains how CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations are performed based on commanda sent from this page using j Query. You can watch the video of this article at order to bring the selected row, highlighted row and others necessary effects as shown in the below picture, I have kept couple of classes on this page, they are followingthat is used to Load the Grid View data and to list the add record box as shown in the picture below.Now, lets see the j Query functions kept on this page.All CRUD opertions that need server side activities are taken care by Grid View page, even simple j Query client side effects like selecting the row by clicking and mouseover effects etc are taken care by Grid View page.

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