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” Schechter asks, “or do you say, ‘No I’m just going to be me?’ ” Or, to put it in reality TV terms: Older daters “don’t want to identify with the Kardashians,” Schechter says, “but if they are on a date and the other person does not know who the Kardashians are, it seems like they don’t know what’s going on in this world.”Of course, it’s not just the culture that’s changed. They’ve had children, careers, and mortgages, and they’re now looking for someone to fill a different role.

“I’d like my kids to see me in a loving relationship,” she says.

“I’d like to model that for them.” Advertisement Although many women Lombardi’s age complain that men want to date only younger women, Lombardi, who says she put on weight during her divorce, finds one thing is easier in 2012 than it was in 1980.

Once you have the right equipment (hint: shop on e Bay), most activities cost nothing but time.

If there is a fee involved (e.g., skiing or golfing), you can easily find bargains and take advantage of senior discounts.

“When a woman offers to share the cost of a meal on a first date, if the guy accepts, she thinks he’s cheap, and if the woman doesn’t offer to share, he thinks the woman is presumptuous.”And after years of being comfortable with one person — even if it’s someone you end up divorcing — putting yourself out there again is not easy, says Nancy Moore, a senior manager at a local nonprofit who lives in Jamaica Plain. “Then I said, well, wait a minute, I’m not back at that age.

“It brings back all the memories you had when you were in your twenties or your teens. I can create what I want to create.”*** BOOMERS BACK ON THE MARKET IN THE 1930S, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers starred in the musical film The Gay Divorcee.

Considering new research, perhaps it’s time for a remake: The Gray Divorcee.

Although the overall divorce rate in the country remains essentially flat, the rate among those ages 50 and older has doubled since 1990, reports Susan Brown, a sociology professor at Bowling Green State University.

There is a club for every Bay Boomer, no matter where your interest lies. The Sierra Club has special senior groups that offer many social events in addition to hiking and camping.

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