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Features: Focus, Zoom and Noise Reduction Webcams may be equipped with auto, manual or fixed focusing systems.

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At a glance you can tell that a camera offering 1080p at 30 fps is going to produce higher-quality images than one that offers 720p at 15 fps, but it doesn’t always give a complete picture.

Often there are many other factors that influence the image quality of a particular PC camera, whether it’s the lens, compression or sensor issues.

The more pixels you have, the clearer your picture will be.

For webcams, 1080p is the best resolution available and should give you the clearest and most detailed images.

While the best webcams capture 30 fps at 1080p, many can only offer that framerate at 720p or lower.

Specifications are a great place to start when comparing the video quality of webcams.

As resolution decreases to 720p or 480p, you’ll begin to lose details and notice more pixilation.

It’s best to get a camera that offers the highest resolution, but if you don’t need the details, you can save some money by opting for an option with lower resolution.

The second reason is that many gamers use desktop computers with monitors that don’t have built-in cameras.

Whether you’re lacking a built-in camera or are simply looking to shoot from different angles, webcams are really your simplest and most cost-effective option.

Video & Audio: Resolutions, Framerates and Visual Testing The main specifications that you want to look at when comparing the picture quality of web cameras are video resolution and framerate.

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