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The DD Chat Room is free and open to everyone 18 and over who is seeking DD specific information and respectful friendships.

Spanking chat site free-16

It used to be called SIN a/k/a Spanking Internet Network -I think.

(And yes, less than a week after a post complaining about the word "spanko" I'm using it in three times in the first two sentences of this paragraph I guess the word serves its purpose).

There are eighty-bajillion spanking blogs out there, and 99% are written by someone who is "out" as a spanko...

this one is about someone who is not out but is a spanko in secret.

The ADDS site is hosting the Rules/Info/Password page as one centralized place for uniformed information to be gathered before proceeding into the chat room.

I have many years of experience moderating chat rooms, social sites and discussion groups.Secret Spanko tip: If you're on one of these sites, it is (or was) possible to submit a profile pic that conveys (conveyed) lots of information without revealing your identity.I had a snippet of a larger picture that showed me standing and looking away from the camera. It's a more popular site in terms of number of people, and I truly salute them for what they did.And the caring, consensual use of discipline to enhance communication, deepen intimacy and reinforce relationship commitment.ADDS is where ALL varying styles of DD are brought together in ONE place! The Domestic Discipline Community Chat Room is based on Domestic Discipline Education, Information and Knowledge sharing, focused on Ho Hs & Ti Hs and those interested in ALL variations of real life Domestic Discipline lifestyles.I have tons of movies downloaded over the years and just never cared about what they had on there enough to do so.

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