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While he notes that there are genuine cases that is the exception rather than the norm, African men mostly cater for the physical ends of things in the hope of visiting Oregon. The yummy love cons When I signed up to one dating site such site, scanners and spammers came calling, like clockwork .A certain Amina, 24-year old from the land of Didier Drogba had some ,500,000 she wanted to share with me, if I could help her run away from her abusive step-mother, having lost her mother during the 2008-post election violence in Ivory Coast. ‘Afrointroductions’ is one dating site with more West African characters of questionable, godless motives.

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Mulherin added that she would “absolutely no problem making a refund if that’s what’s required”.

“I didn’t act outside the jurisdiction of what I am allowed to do as part of my job as a politician,” she said.

The fourth category are the shrewd con artists executing the Nigerian fraud on naïve lonesome. Genuine seekers of love Are in their 30s and 40s and very particular in their expectations.

They are wordy, philosophical and have hope, however forlorn, that they will not attract another Goddamn fool, for the umpteen time in their love life.

Men turn up looking like throwbacks of that uncle who went to the forest in the name of Mau Mau, and are less funny than their online cheeky bluffs and fewer hopefuls meet beyond the first date. Whats App is a runaway flirtation forum where endless chatting and exchanging of raunchy and naughty messages and videos is the hook that turns adherents on.

See, here, you can share instantaneous nudes and pornography.

Often they promise fancy stuff like laptops, perfumes and cash.

One notorious case is that of Thomas Johnson who used the same line of chicanery for many women until he was blacklisted on many dating sites.

Michelle, for instance, reveals she’s a tot mama and that I must love her daughter first, before thinking of becoming her bedmate. This category comprise young women seeking older, loaded men, read “economically stable.” They want a relationship that can result in marriage, with materialistic leanings lurking around. Naturally, they state their wishes to immigrate and not because Kenyans now can apply for dual citizenship.

Moses Nyasani, an urban planner, has attempted searching love online and says the honest attract their type or even conmen as Nyasani found out. Their prurient wishes are discernible from the kind of profile pictures they have used and the language of their profile. A variation of the above is ‘interracial dating’ mostly between pensioners with one foot in the grave and relatively younger lasses from Kenya.

There are more than 20 popular dating websites in Kenya that have been customised to meet the social and sexual demands of different age sets. Facebook and Badoo are popular with those who heard of Robert Ouko in the [email protected] television series. Facebook and Badoo dating is mostly geared towards sexual experiments and men are more honest about their intentions in online escapades.

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