Sexy women on wechat

It is unknown why the woman, who comes from the Guangdong province of Mainland China, was in Hong Kong at the time. She began throwing an uncontrollable tantrum in the middle of the historic Granville Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, an urban area in southern Kowloon. They were very flirtatious and hard to resist," said Mr Chen in Mandarin.

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In Mr Chen's case, the construction worker said he had met several people who appeared to be young women on social media platforms.

Once he got their contacts, he would chat with them on We Chat, Shin Min Daily News reported yesterday."They looked very young and were dressed sexily.

There were also those offering aphrodisiacs and one even claimed to be a managed to connect to a 20-year-old student who wanted to be known only as Abby.

Abby said locals and even foreign students offered such services, either freelance or through pimps.“Going through pimps is safer as those offering sex on their own could be frauds,” she said.

'SEXY WOMAN': Mr Chen spoke to a person, who said she wasn't a cheat, on We Chat.

He bought her a 0 i Tunes gift card, but she wanted more.However, she asked him to first buy her a 0 i Tunes gift card from a convenience store at an MRT station before she would show up.When he tried to buy the gift card, an employee at the convenience store convinced him not to after hearing his story.The employee told him that many people had been duped before.Later that evening, Mr Chen spoke to another person, who appeared to be a sexy woman, on We Chat."She said she wasn't a cheat," said Mr Chen.The woman threw herself on the floor and began thrashing her arms and legs about, screaming at anyone who passed by.

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