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But what’s funny is I meet a lot of people for [whom] it’s their first time, and at the beginning they’re planning to leave by midnight, and they don’t! How do you deal with people, especially men, getting out of hand at your parties? I [have] my staff there, everyone is really on it because we do these sex-adjacent events. There are so many of these black t-shirted “masters” — insert eye roll here — dudes who watch too many fetish films, and think there’s a certain way to act, to be cool at these parties.

And it just makes them awful, and they don’t get it. Any form of disrespect to any party guest or performer, including our presenters is just not acceptable. How do you ensure that people are well behaved with alcohol in the mix?

There’s been this implosion happening and it’s terrible.

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The timing structure of sex parties [nobody naked ’til midnight] is really useful, because we do have a large contingent for whom these kinds of parties are the absolute first foray into anything of this sort.

They know that if they leave by pm they won’t see anything they might not be comfortable with.

It’s different from the BDSM community of my younger years, there’s a lot more gender orientation fluidity, which is really important to us, which is really great at a party. It’s people who are friendly and interesting and aware of our rules of interaction, which [include] not assuming someone’s gender, or orientation or relationship status. I think there’s such a greater awareness now of the different flavors of relationship experience, whether it is gender or sexual orientation there’s so many more ways of being that are recognized and respected, it’s joyful to see that. There [are] lovely people chatting, drinks, a nice rooftop, a beautiful loft.

_____________ So what are the parties at Ho S like? In fact, one of my party guests told me that I run the most wholesome sex parties in New York. The sex is kind of incidental; it’s not threatening, it’s not aggressive. This works for Gemini Scorpio and House of Scorpio, costume and dress-up are required at every single event. When I see that you’ve dressed up for my party I know that you have read the rules, you’re familiar with what we’re doing and you’re on board.

If you’ve explored Gowanus nightlife over the last four years, chances are that you’ve stumbled into a fairy forest, all-nude burlesque event, or any other type of delirious costumed madness at the Gemini & Scorpio Loft, whose exact address remains available only to event attendees (upon RSVP).

Gemini & Scorpio’s semi-secretive location imbues it with a kind of post-industrial Narnia vibe that brushes off the pretension and cold shoulders of other Brooklyn nightlife.The element of serendipity is removed, and that’s unfortunate because you really only find out about things connected to your sphere.The joy of New York City is how many subcultures operate here at any one given time.And yes, we play silly games like Spin The Bottle and Twister. [And] our newest venture is our Bedroom Badass class series: poly- and kink-friendly sex and relationship workshops. You’re welcomed to be in there and to be the you that you may not show to anybody else anywhere else.And it’s entirely a place where whoever you bring is welcomed and accepted and nobody will ever say anything about it in your other spaces.The further back you go, the more it was that you could get into a neighborhood which, you know, 30 years ago was the East Village and the Lower East Side, and you could walk along and stumble into some wonderful, delightful weirdness.

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