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Heather Dunbar’s campaign manager, Cynthia, convinces him over a game of pool to spill some secrets.

In exchange, he’ll be in line for a cushy administration job should Dunbar win the presidency.

The chief of staff goes one further by crashing Claire and Leann’s meeting with the Jones family.

He beats the ladies to the punch by announcing Frank’s intention to endorse Celia.

All Claire has to do is attend the State of the Union in two weeks’ time and not get struck down by a lightning bolt when she has the nerve to stage a press conference about her mother’s health and then ask for the press to respect the woman’s privacy and dignity. Claire sheds some crocodile tears when she sees her mom’s wig, but Elizabeth’s not buying it.

She does offer this piece of advice, though: “You’re stronger than he is, but you’ve got to put him in his place.”Over in New Hampshire, Frank’s place is pretty low. Meet John Carlyle, a bus-riding cleaner at a rental car agency. He doesn’t have a car or an internet connection, but hey, neither did John Wilkes Booth.

Sainsbury's has been rapped by the Advertising Standards Authority after a viewer complained about an ad in which a real couple talk about using a credit card to help pay for the renovation of their house.

The ad, by Sainsbury’s outgoing agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, was seen on TV in June, and juxtaposed shots of the couple talking about their tumultuous experience of doing up their house with clips from archive footage that illustrates their stories.

One person complained to the ad watchdog on the grounds that the spot was irresponsible because it suggested the best way to finance property renovation was with a credit card.

In response to this, Sainsbury’s said the couple, who were found through word of mouth, did not use a credit card to pay for their whole renovation, and it did not believe this was implied.

The first lady shares her intention of running in her home state’s 30th congressional district, but there’s an issue.

The seat is currently held by the legendary Doris Jones (Cicely Tyson), who has earmarked it for her daughter, Celia (Lisa Gay Hamilton), when she retires after this term.

Should we all just be grateful that Doug Stamper doesn’t work for the GOP? His new role as an inmate masturbation whisperer doesn’t come from the goodness of his heart; it’s a ploy to eke out a confession from his cellmate.

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