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Looking like drowned rats, they howled and sped around the yard in hysterical circles, then tried for ten minutes to climb a tree. If a child hits one of these, it can put the brakes on the fun, and send them sliding down a path of medical claims--contusions, concussions, lacerations, abrasions, whiplash, back rash, and disc impaction. From there, it's a slippery slope toward major litigation.Once again, the neighbors thought we'd set something on fire, so the LAFD arrived shortly afterwards. He kindly did, then retrieved our cats out of the tree with only minor scratches to the face. As it happened, on the day of the party our neighbors were trimming their fichus trees. A clown we'd hired made balloon animals, Crispin eagerly opened his presents, and all the children enjoyed cake and fruit punch. To avoid even the remote possibility of such injuries, I invested in this 55 gallon drum of water soluble personal lubricant--the idea being that the children could enjoy the slide in complete safety, then wash off in the hose before their parents came to retrieve them.The product is now more widely used as a sexual lubricant.

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The physician's other hand is then used to assess the structure of pelvic organs put into place by the intra-vaginal hand.

As stated in documentaries such as The Terror Takes Shape found on the DVD and Blu-ray Editions of John Carpenter's The Thing, K-Y Jelly has also found use in the horror-movie industry by special effects technicians like Stan Winston and Rob Bottin to create a "slimy" appearance for monster puppet effects.

While K-Y Jelly can be and is used for a variety of different purposes, it is most commonly associated with being a personal lubricant used to enhance sexual intercourse and masturbation.

During the act, one or more of the participants will typically apply a small amount to their genitals to enhance or supplement the moisture required to perform certain actions.

Try explaining any of this to a stranger, especially a hunky one in uniform. (They still aren't speaking to us, by the way.)Bottom line, we decided against soaking the Pride Parade revelers lest it create an "incident" that could upstage us entirely. I'm a risk analyst for a major insurance firm, so when my wife and I were planning a birthday party for our seven-year-old, Crispin, my mind naturally turned to liabilities. We heard the sound of their wood chipper buzzing occasionally from the other side of our tall hedge. With that in mind, I dipped each child into the vat before allowing them to cue up for the slide.

We'd settled on the theme of a "backyard carnival", complete with a swing set, a trampoline, merry-go-round, and a giant Slip `n Slide. The Slip `n Slide itself performed admirably, as did the lubricant. Due to the slight downhill gradient of our yard, the children built up so much speed that they skidded across the lawn and into a retaining wall at the other end of our property, with sufficient force that I had to put an end to the activity.Similarly for female pelvic exams, K-Y Jelly is used to lubricate a physician's index and middle finger to be inserted into the vagina to assess pelvic muscle tone and tenderness.A rectovaginal examination is also often performed in which the index finger is inserted into the vagina and the middle finger into the rectum.Cinematographer Peter Kuran reminisces during The Terror Takes Shape how a major studio ordered multiple "five-gallon pails of K-Y Jelly" in order to "slime up" the Dog-Monster for the infamous "kennel" scene from The Thing.Copious amounts of K-Y Jelly were also used to simulate saliva and to give the eponymous Alien of the 1979 film an overall slimy appearance as well as the blood of the eponymous Predator of the 1987 film which was mixed with chemiluminescence fluid from green glowsticks.K-Y Jelly is also used clinically to perform prostate examinations in men and gynaecological examinations in women.

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