Sex chat like yahoo

It's more exclusive and definitely more of a turn on to...

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and maybe play a little with someone who doesn't feel valued and appreciated. A lot of it was done on Yahoo and some on a few other sites. After all, it was just a few admittedly revealing pictures of me so far. It means that the other person is willing to be a little more involved and you can connect a little more intensely.

I'd love to share a little excitement and stimulation and hope to make you feel special/desired. At first it was just writing what I was thinking and how I would get someone off. It is faster to chat when EP is having a slow night.

Like most people, for many years I really didn't know what the best part of life is.

Then I started to explore the globally available knowledge and experience and I realised what it is.

I also believe if they had some more separation between the adult themed rooms and non adult, and allowed adult business to advertise around those rooms, it could of been a bigger part of their business model.

Yahoo and MSN (now known mainly as Bing these days I think) kind of went back and forth when it came to taking and displaying ads for adult.

In order to do that it required me to login, which I think is stupid, I mean the damn thing is running, why can’t I just click preferences and change that?

Anyway I logged into ye old messenger in order to change the preferences, and I noticed a message saying that the yahoo chat rooms were being taken off line Dec 14 2012.

If I was commanding yahoo I might do that temporarily while I worked on a massive update for them, but perhaps they have realized that they have fallen so behind the times that it is not worth the effort to try to catch up.

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