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The motion detector allows turning your computer into a complete video surveillance system and logging all events in your absence.

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If the room you're recording is empty, place the laptop on any flat surface facing the direction you want to record. Type "webcam" into the Start Menu search field to locate the software on the computer.

Conceal the webcam if you're using an external USB camera. Point the camera to the location you're most interested in recording, such as the front door. If webcam software isn't installed on the computer, download and install a webcam application.

Use the webcam embedded in the laptop's lid if it has one, though it will be harder to conceal it.

If you must purchase a webcam, choose one with high megapixels, good low-light ability and a wide-angle lens.

Wait for the program to recognize the webcam; a video will appear in the video box when it is ready. Choose a save location if you want to save the recording to the laptop.

Otherwise, choose "Broadcast" and set up a live Internet feed. Enter the URL on the work computer or on a smart phone to view the recording live.You can place the laptop near a plant on the kitchen counter, for example. Many free webcam applications are available online, including Yawcam, Eye Spy FX and Webcam XP.Click on the webcam application's icon to launch it after the installation has finished.You can record voice via microphones and then play any mp3 audio file anytime.The off-line work time counter allows to see all statistic information about work time of any employee.Here is the official description for Hidden Camera: BSEditor: Employee Monitoring software Oleansoft Hidden Camera 250x1 is intended for remote control, webcam monitoring, Microphone monitoring and observation over computers in a LAN or via the Internet with/without recording.

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