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Honestly, I just use whatever tool is deemed fit for whatever specific project I am doing. So just put some stuff around your GH2 - rigs, cages, matte box, monitor, extra batteries and what not, and it will look like any professional film camera setup. You have to rig it out, and have a basic DIT station (a fast laptop and card red station reader) nearby.And yeah, a rigged GH2 would work, but then that would cost as much as a basic super35 camcorder like an FS100 lol Agreed completely.

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its a great B or C camera, but id never show up to a real set with one and be taken seriously.

No, not really, I wouldn't bring either a t2i nor a GH2 to most professional projects.

As Dave points out, the biggest difference between the two cameras is ISO performance.

This can be a deal-breaker for many people, as they might be shooting in a situation that requires that extra stop or two of ISO performance.

Right - the pisspoor scaling of the t2i's larger sensor is what results in the ugly moire and softness typical to the Canon DSLRs (except the Mk. The GH2, on the other hand, is basically moire-free and much sharper. I do like the fact that since its mirror less, so you can adapt old school fatty PL lenses onto it, or adapt virtually any other lens mount to it.

But still, the typical film audience is used to a super 35-ish depth of field, and its hard to get that on an m4/3 camera without shooting wide open all the time or, and not to mention the crop factor being bigger so you have to use wider lenses in general.

The question is, once these videos go to You Tube or Vimeo, how much of a difference will there be?

Dave Dugdale from Learning DSLR Video asks this very question as he compares the relatively new Canon 5D Mark III to the inexpensive Canon T2i.

People just don't take you seriously with a little plastic camera.

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