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He alleges the Freeh Report “was drafted and largely finalized before Freeh ever interviewed Dr.

Spanier,” and added that their four-hour interview took place near the end of Freeh's investigation and not long before Freeh released the report in July 2012.

The Freeh Report, Heim added, "is very much like Judge Freeh.

The lawsuit alleges Freeh traded on his reputation as a former federal judge and FBI Director (under President Bill Clinton) to give his report the weight of an impartial court opinion.

But Freeh’s firm actually operated more as a private consultant responsible only to its paying clients, Spanier alleges.

Instead, Spanier says Penn State has barred him from his office, publicized and encouraged negative statements about Spanier in the Freeh report, and scheduled press conferences at which Penn State officials including at least three trustees continued to make negative comments about Spanier “in breach of the contract.” Spanier wants “compensatory damages” for harm to his reputation and lost income, and says he also deserves “punitive damages” to punish Freeh for “knowingly publishing defamatory falsehoods” in order “to damage Dr.

Spanier in furtherance of a highly lucrative business model.” Sandusky’s incarceration and the rollback of penalties from the NCAA’s consent decree with the university have not meant the end of the legal struggles for many of the scandal’s key players.

The Freeh report led to Spanier’s departure as Penn State President.

Spanier says in the suit he offered to resign after the Freeh report, but added that his departure was later wrongly depicted as a firing.He also notes that Freeh, while an executive of the crecit card bnak MBNA, visited Penn State in September 2005 and gave Spanier an autographed copy of Freeh’s book, My FBI, citing Spanier’s “leadership, vision and integrity.” Spanier accuses Penn State of violating his 2011 separation agreement.Spanier says he voluntarily stepped down from the top job, over objections from some of the trustees, and that Penn State had agreed to provide him with an office, office staff, expenses and legal fees, and not to make any “negative comments” about Spanier.Late coach Joe Paterno’s family is suing the NCAA and two of its top officers.Two former assistant coaches, Jay Paterno, the coach’s son, and William Kenney, along with a member of the board of trustees, are also participating in that suit.Freeh's attorney, Robert Heim of Dechert LLP, Philadelphia, was not immediately available for comment on Spanier's suit.

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