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Provide as lead provider is responsible for the delivery of the service across Essex*.Provide is working with a number of organisations with extensive experience of innovative sexual health delivery, geographical insight and specialist knowledge to ensure that all aspects of a focussed, specialist and general service delivery are available, accessible, safe, efficient and responsive.

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Even if you are under 18 they will keep your medical records confidential unless they think you are at risk of harm.

They won’t tell your parents or your GP unless you have given permission, or you are in danger and they have discussed this with you.

Our intelligence centre acts as a single point of access for the service providing triage, appointment booking, signposting and STI results management. There is no need to feel embarassed when you visit, our staff are used to testing for all kind of infections and will do their best to explain everything to you and make you feel welcome and at ease.

When you arrive at a clinic you will be asked for your name and some contact details.

Many of the questions we get asked are covered in the FAQ's section.

To see what visiting a clinic might be like, check out the video clips at the top of the page.

If you prefer to see a doctor of a particular gender (e.g.

female doctor), tell the receptionist when you book the appointment, or if it is a drop-in clinic tell them when when you arrive.

You can also take someone with you (such as your partner or a friend) if you wish.

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