Mobile nude video chat

Assuming that happens, Duo has the potential to be a huge deal when it comes to showing people that video chat isn't clunky and mechanical anymore.

It's possible that Duo can start the process of encouraging people to use video chat as though it were a normal thing, and not just for special occasions and meetings.

When you log in, you're asked whether you want to join the main Camfrog Video Chat room or a specific room such as Latino, Learn English, Single and a special room for those using sign language.

There's obviously still plenty about Duo we don't know yet, and won't know until it is finally available later this summer.

What we've seen so far promises a lot, and it's on Google to deliver.

Two devices with the same software initiate a connection, you wait for the video to load, and if you're lucky the connection is good enough for a conversation to happen at a close to real world cadence.

The technology surrounding video chat has changed in amazing ways, but the act of starting that conversation and having that conversation remains mostly the same.

Google is positioning Duo to make video chat a human experience, and from what we've seen so far they might just pull it off.

In many ways, Google already managed the "best" video chat service with Hangouts.Video chat needs to escape its current social limitations, and Duo is the first attempt.The act of communicating in real time through video hasn't really changed in nearly 20 years.Video and audio quality adjust seamlessly to match the network quality both sides are currently experiencing, and transitioning from Wi Fi to mobile networks is expected to be equally as smooth.We've seen small attempts to make this happen in Google Hangouts, and over the last year there have been tremendous improvements.As a highly functional group video service and a fantastic mobile solution for person-to-person video chat, Hangouts is great as long as everyone using the service is fairly technically minded.

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