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They say that knowledge is power and we can safely say that a woman with this kind of knowledge is very powerful indeed.

Here you can find more details about our rates and terms.

I just wanted to thank the team of Mature Escorts London for an amazing experience. We met on the 13th of June this year near Sloane Square, not too far away from where I live.

Our clients know what they want and look to spend time with sophisticated women who know how to deliver it with style and grace.

All of our beautiful ladies have been carefully selected through our recruiting process to ensure that they possess not just the looks, but also the attitude and style that makes a successful companion for demanding gentlemen.

Most are experienced London escorts, but some found their way into the courtesan lifestyle later in life – and took to it with relish!

At London Mature Escorts, we take pride in our service and professionalism. The courtesans that we represent are experienced, professional and sophisticated. As you will also see, our mature women are also gorgeous, glamorous and sexy as hell. We work with only the finest high class mature escort women in London, and they have all been through a careful interviewing and selection process.Mature women have taken the steps to care for themselves, and want companionship for the physical and emotional benefits it provides. It also includes women who can be best described by one adjective – “nightmarish.” You know exactly what I am talking about.As for experience, let’s do a quick logic game (or go find someone of the right age who can answer this question for you): as a sex partner, were you better in bed in your early 20’s, or in your 40’s? You know more, you have experienced more, and you are more confident in experimenting with new things in bed. They just know more, know how to please a man, and are willing to put those skills on display. It is that 45 year old woman you see in the grocery store who weighs 300 pounds, she hasn’t used make-up since Bill Clinton was president, her grocery cart is filled with frozen pizzas and Coca-Cola, and those sweatpants she is wearing look like they were washed at the last change of the seasons.After comparing lots of different escorts on various sites, I ended up booking Amanda, which happens to be in the South Kensington area. Love to meet her again to show her more fab restaurants and nightlife. I didn't think I would start caring so much about someone.

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