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The Context Object is most often bibliographic data, but as of version 1.0 Open URL can also include information about the requester, the resource containing the hyperlink, the type of service required, and so forth.For example: Keys always consist of safe characters and are not encoded, but values are URL-encoded.

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Examples of such databases include Ovid, Web of Science, Sci Finder, Modern Languages Association Bibliography and Google Scholar.

A target is a resource or service that helps satisfy a user's information needs.

His link-server software, SFX, was purchased by the library automation company Ex Libris Group which popularized Open URL in the information industry.

In 2005, a revised version of Open URL (version 1.0) became ANSI/NISO standard Z39.88-2004, with Van de Sompel's version designated as version 0.1.

Examples of targets include full-text repositories, online journals, online library catalogs and other Web resources and services.

Open URL was created by Herbert Van de Sompel, a librarian at the University of Ghent, in the late 1990s.

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The most common application of Open URL is to assist in the resolution of a request for a web resource (such as an online article).

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