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After a quick visit to the cafeteria and a "Nasi Goreng" (Malaysia's fried rice) costing me three ringgits (around one $1), I'm packed full and fifteen minutes late. My bag in my right hand and lab coat in the left, I finally reach, no, not the lab but the building. acute sleeping disorder, you know." My Sri Lankan lab partner shakes his head with a concealed smile on his face while my serious and very intellectual Malaysian friends are pondering whether laughing at my joke may result in some mark deductions.

Microbiology labs are on the fifth floor and (of course) there are no lifts on the ground floor. The practical goes smoothly enough and I leave the lab three hours later with purple fingers. My day at university is not over until eight at night.

; Cari barangan untuk dijual, di jual atau bidaan dari penjual/pembekal kita.

Malaysia is not exactly as grandiose but it is summer all year round here, and it's even warmer!

So, to keep in touch with the Aussie culture of Australia-based Monash University's Malaysian campus (that's where I'm spending my time instead of swimming in the lagoon back in Mauritius) and the islander's happy-go-lucky spirit in me, you might spot me walking around campus, lab coat folded on one shoulder, wearing a T-shirt and my typical Mauritian flower beach shorts.

The first lecture I'm late for this Wednesday is Immunology.Studying science is amazingly fascinating, totally cool and really interesting.Add the two together and you get an incredible medley of global science in action. Think of Mauritius as the exotic, sunny place with wonderful sandy beaches. Yes, I hail from Mauritius, a tropical island in the Indian Ocean.The slides are filled with diagrammatic representations of different leukocytes and their specific receptors and a number of strange-named cytokines.

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